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Can I expect a positive return on investment from my photovoltaic system?

The cost of PV technology has dropped dramatically in the past ten years and, thanks to government incentives or subsidies

Can I produce my own electricity?

If your home has a roof with some shadow-free space, a PV system can generate electricity for your consumption. With

Can I sell excess solar electricity back to my utility?

The householder of a PV system has two choices: either to sell all the output to the local power utility

Can I walk on photovoltaic modules on my roof?

PV modules are most often encapsulated in two layers of tempered low iron glass or between glass and tedlar (a

Do I have to change my boiler if I install a photovoltaic system?

PV is a technology that generates electricity, not heat. Therefore, the existing heating system remains unchanged. As a measure to

Do I need to contact my electricity supplier when installing a photovoltaic system?

This depends on the country legislation in question. For example, in Germany the supplier needs to be asked concerning the

Do photovoltaic systems need to be cleaned?

Most PV modules don’t need to be cleaned and are easy to maintain. When installed on roofs, the PV modules

Does my grid-connected photovoltaic system have to include batteries?

Batteries are only essential if power needs to be ‘stored’ in case of a utility outage. However, most grid-connected PV

Does the manufacturing process of a photovoltaic system not need more energy than it itself produces during its lifetime?

PV systems, like every other product, do require energy during the manufacturing process. However, PV systems pay back this energy

How do I know what size photovoltaic system I need?

The best indicator for sizing a PV system is your historical electrical usage, or the number of kilowatt hours (kWh)

If I install a photovoltaic system on my roof, will it attract wasp nests?

PV modules are generally very dark in colour (blue or black, depending on the technology) and can become quite hot.

In the choice to produce green electricity, why should I use a photovoltaic system?

PV is a renewable energy source that produces electricity. Electricity can be used for all home appliances and lighting. Moreover,

What happens if the sun doesn’t shine?

A PV system needs daylight to work but not direct sunlight. Indeed, if a PV module is exposed to an

What do I need to take into account to properly size a photovoltaic system?

The first step is to find out the customer's wishes. This has to match the existing space - shadow-free roof.The roof

What do I need to take into account to properly size a photovoltaic system?

The first step is to find out the customer’s wishes. This has to match the existing space - shadow-free roof.The roof

What knowledge do I need to install and maintain photovoltaic modules?

In order to install Photovoltaic systems, knowledge about electricity is required, especially about dimensioning and protection. It is also necessary

How do I calculate the kWh from the watt peak?

The yearly value of kWh that a system will produce depends on the system size (in kWp), design, the irradiation

What kind of loads does a photovoltaic installation involve on a building?

Standard mono-crystalline modules are relatively light, around 10 to 15 kg per square metre. This load must be carried by

How can I predict the CO 2 reductions for every watt peak?

The CO2 savings of a solar roof will depend on many factors, including:• The energy source the solar production is

What if a photovoltaic roof/facade develops a leak or is damaged by hail?

This should be covered by your home or building insurance. Some insurers will automatically cover the system as it is

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