Solar PV Installer

How can I predict the CO 2 reductions for every watt peak?

The CO2 savings of a solar roof will depend on many factors, including:• The energy source the solar production is

How do I calculate the kWh from the watt peak?

The yearly value of kWh that a system will produce depends on the system size (in kWp), design, the irradiation

What do I need to take into account to properly size a photovoltaic system?

The first step is to find out the customer’s wishes. This has to match the existing space - shadow-free roof.The roof

What kind of loads does a photovoltaic installation involve on a building?

Standard mono-crystalline modules are relatively light, around 10 to 15 kg per square metre. This load must be carried by

What knowledge do I need to install and maintain photovoltaic modules?

In order to install Photovoltaic systems, knowledge about electricity is required, especially about dimensioning and protection. It is also necessary

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