2500TL X Single MPPT with DC switch


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GROWATT 2500TL X Single MPPT with DC switch
Part No: GROWATT-2500-TL-X-DC
Inverters – Main Units
  • Rating: 2,500W
  • Phases: 1

Growatt inverters are designed specifically for residential rooftop applications. With a maximum efficiency of 97% and a wide input voltage range, this robust inverter is perfect for residential installations. The TL-X range has a single MPPT. 

The Growatt inverter range has the following leading-edge technology.

  • MPPT tracking accuracy of 99%
  • Max. Efficiency 97.6%, European Efficiency 96.5%
  • Transformerless design, offer lighter and more convenient installation 
  • Power factor continuously adjustable
  • Flexible interface
  • Touch key & OLED display

Built in DC isolator.