Solar Module Sundaya LEC50, 3W


Solar module 3W, 50 kJ/day, 5 m cable + DC bayonet plug

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Solar module 3W, 50 kJ/day, 5 m cable + DC bayonet plug

This light-weight, high efficiency, mono-crystalline modules can be used as portable modules or can be fixed easily at a roof or wall. The modules are part of the Ulitium Series. Due to their Plug-and-Play technology, the modules are suitable to extend the Sundaya Light Kits. The DC bayonet plug can be easily put to the Hub4 junction box. Therefore any Sundaya Kit can be extended according to the users needs with more solar modules, T-lite and Ulitium lamps, JouleSticks etc.

The concept of the basic Sundaya Light kit is simple. During the daytime energy is harvested from the sunlight using the LEC (Light to Energy Converter), and converted into electricity. This electrical energy is then passed through the cables and Hub4 in your installation, to the Ulitium lamps.


  • Plug & Play with bayonet connectors
  • Highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells
  • Easy wall or rooftop mounting possible